JULY 2008

Britain invites partnership approach to waste

Local British authorities that are interested in forming partnerships to deliver and make available cost-effective waste services for their communities have been invited by Environment Minister Joan Ruddock to submit an expression of interest. The power to create Joint Waste Authorities (JWAs) came into effect in 2007 in response to requests from local authorities. Joan Ruddock has written to all local authority chief executives with an invitation to submit a no-commitment expression of interest in applying to become a JWA. It is hoped that formal developed proposals can be submitted from Fall 2008.

Regarding JWAs, Joan Ruddock said, “Waste is an issue which affects everyone, but local circumstances vary considerably. We want to give local authorities flexibility and choice over the solutions available to them, so they can manage waste in the way that serves their communities best. Local authorities have asked for JWAs, and they offer another voluntary option for strong partnership working with the potential to deliver joined-up, more cost-effective and efficient waste services to those who would most benefit from them.

It is up to the relevant local authorities to decide whether to make a proposal for a JWA, and which types of waste function (collection, disposal and/or street cleansing) they wish to discharge through a joint waste authority.”