JULY 2008

BuildASign.com keeps obsolete political signage from waste streams

BuildASign.com offers a free Obama yard sign for customers who send in or recycle their Hillary sign. The custom signs e-retailer launched a promotion at www.buildasign.com/barackobamasigns that allows users to choose a free Obama sign.

On the eve of Hillary Clinton’s announcement of support for Barack Obama, BuildASign.com saw an opportunity to seize on the Democratic Party’s excitement in finally having a presumptive presidential nominee as well as promote recycling on a grand scale. Sustainability is important to the dot com, which recycles over half of its internal waste and promotes energy conservation and green practices with its employees.

At the landing page, users will “vote” for their offer of choice, a free Obama sign with a Hillary sign return or 50% off an Obama sign for anyone and those who recycle their Hillary signs, and then choose from five Obama-themed sign designs.