JULY 2008

Columbus recycler gives old books new meaning

Book-Destruction.com, a division of The Grossman Group, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio, announced that through the first quarter of this year, Book-Destruction.com recycled over one hundred trailer loads of hardback books, soft back books, catalogs with or without spirals, directories and corporate reports in bound form. One hundred loads equals approximately 4.2 million pounds.

“We are capable of grinding these products without separating them into multiple categories of paper with or without non-paper contamination such as spirals, plastic inserts and bindings,” said Steve Grossman, The Grossman Group president. “Our operations are totally mechanical, eliminating the element of human temptation of converting these items for re-sale, something the generators are desperately trying to be assured will not happen.”

The majority of the books come from obsolete inventories of book printers, publishers, distributors, libraries, schools and multiple collection sites primarily throughout the Midwest. Book-Destruction.com receives books from all over the country, but most of the suppliers are within 1,000 miles of Columbus, or its partner operations in Tennessee and Wisconsin. Once recycled, the materials are then baled and shipped to paper mills, roofers or insulators to be converted into new products.