JULY 2008

EPA amends hazardous waste rule to promote use of aluminum

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is amending the F019 hazardous waste listing to facilitate the use of aluminum in automobiles, light trucks and utility vehicles. This action will encourage motor vehicle manufacturers to use more aluminum parts, producing vehicles that are lighter. Lighter vehicles are capable of increased gas mileage and decreased exhaust air emissions.

F019 is one of EPA’s F-code Resource Conservation and Recovery Act hazardous waste listings, which include waste that is generated from common industrial and manufacturing processes. The amendment excludes from hazardous waste regulation F019 waste generated in the auto manufacturing industry provided the waste: 1) is not placed outside on the land prior to shipment to a landfill for disposal; and 2) is disposed of at an appropriately lined landfill. EPA has determined that these changes to the F019 listing are protective of human health and the environment. The final rule should be published sometime in June.

For more details, visit www.epa.gov/ epaoswer/hazwaste/id/f019/f019.htm.