JULY 2008

Europe pushes for more accessible recycling in public spaces

Environment Minister Joan Ruddock pledged that people will find it easier to recycle when they are out and about.

‘Recycle on the Go’ is a new drive to put accessible recycling bins in public places. And it’s already started, with The Royal Parks rolling out a recycling bin pilot in Hyde Park over the next three months.

A good practice guide and a code of practice will help those responsible for public places to make recycling easy and accessible. Wherever possible bins will feature “Recycle Now” signage so people can easily identify where and how to recycle their cans, bottles and paper.

“Recycle on the Go” is about making recycling a natural part of everyday life no matter where people are. But the bigger issue here is about a pushing a behavior change around how people dispose litter when they’re away from the home.