JULY 2009

Big Green Bus begins cross-country road trip
Dartmouth students make the annual trek through 40 states

A team of 15 Dartmouth College students arrived aboard The Big Green Bus, A Vehicle for Change in New York City, June 17.

This first stop on a 12,000 mile summer road trip served as the unveiling of the team’s solar-paneled, waste vegetable-fueled bus, a state-of-the-art ‘green’ mobile classroom. The coach bus is sponsored in part by Newman’s Own, Inc., and is open to the public for educational experiences and one-on-one conversations with team members.

The Big Green Bus team delivers messages pertinent to five key areas on their 40-state, cross-country trek: 1) reduction of consumption and recycling; 2) energy efficiency; 3) clean and renewable energy; 4) wise food choices and 5) personal actions through voting. Each educational objective was reinforced by presentations delivered by the informed team members and communicated through hand-out literature as well as informational materials posted on the bus.

Renewable energy-powered wi-fi on the bus enabled anyone to interact with the students in real time and participate online in the summer tour at www.changents.com/biggreenbus where the crew will file regular story updates from the road such as blogs, podcasts, photo galleries, videos, Tweets and action opportunities.

Other Big Green Bus lead supporters include Waste Management, The Timberland Company and Changents.