JULY 2009

Largest recycling facility in Texas opens for business

Houston-based Greenstar North America, the country’s largest private processor of recyclables and the largest municipal recycler in Texas, announced that it has opened the largest recycling facility in Texas. The new plant is among the largest, most automated single stream facilities in North America. It has the capacity to process 20,000 tons per month at its 180,000 square foot facility located on nine acres in San Antonio.

Greenstar has experienced a dramatic rise in recycling rates across its Texas markets, particularly in San Antonio. San Antonio rates have increased as high as 200 percent over the previous collection approach in some areas. The sharp increase is a direct result of the city implementing a single stream collection system as well as converting their existing 18-gallon collection system to 95 gallon carts. Single stream processing lets participants put recyclables conveniently into one bin, allowing for more efficient collection of materials and a decrease in labor.

While Texas has not traditionally been known for its recycling programs, Greenstar sees that perception shifting in the near future. Greenstar selected Texas as its North American headquarters recognizing there is a significant amount of potential on the commercial and municipal side for growth in recycling. Greenstar’s level of investment has been significant: it invested over $300 million in its United States recycling business over the last two years, of which $50 million has been invested in Texas.