JULY 2009

Ohio’s Memorial Golf Tournament goes green

Tournament officials announced that the Memorial Tournament, held in Ohio, has initiated a major green effort beginning in 2009. The Memorial has partnered with FirmGreen to help manage its green efforts and with The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO), for all of its recycling and waste management needs.

Biodiesel will be used for power generation during the Tournament. Fans who take the ‘FirmGreen Shuttle’ from the Columbus Zoo parking lot to Muirfield Village Golf Club will be riding a bus that runs on compressed biogas produced from landfill gas at the local SWACO landfill.

“The Memorial has worked hard over the past couple of years to understand how to best dispose of the nearly 100 tons of waste it generates per year,” said executive director Dan Sullivan. The Tournament recognizes its responsibility to the central Ohio community to keep the environment safe and clean.”

As a function of the Tournament’s green initiative, recycling receptacles will be available on the entire property at Muirfield Village Golf Club. Additionally, all generators for the Memorial will use biodiesel fuel and the FirmGreen shuttle will run on compressed biogas – or CNG, a clean biofuel produced from landfill gas at the local SWACO landfill. As a final piece to the Tournament’s green effort in 2009, all signage and trash bags used for the Memorial Tournament will be made from biodegradable materials.