JULY 2009

Retired recycling manager wins 2009 Sami Izzo Recycler of the Year Award

The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) announced Francis Horne as the 2009 Sami Izzo Recycler of the Year.

Retired Recycling Manager

His outstanding efforts and passion for recycling earned him this award.

In his 20 plus years at the Moultonborough Transfer Station, Francis Horne has seen the changes from landfilling to the present practice of recycling. He oversaw his landfill reclamation project and he made sure business ran by the book as to not let something like this happen to his town again. Even though Horne is “semiretired”, he continues to be a valuable resource to Moultonborough and the surrounding communities.

This award is given annually to an individual who, like Sami Izzo, combines the qualities of commitment, creativity, leadership, enthusiasm and flexibility in developing and sustaining an environmentally and financially sound solid waste management program.

The NRRA is a proactive, non-profit working with its membership to make their recycling programs strong, efficient and financially successful.