JULY 2009

Sebright works despite fire

Sebright Products, a manufacturer of industrial trash and refuse equipment, located in Wayland, Michigan reported a tremendous fire in May that engulfed their engineering design department building. In addition to their engineering-design offices, it also damaged some manufacturing space. Sebright announced that though there were 35 employees at work at the time of the fire, there were no injuries.

Sebright property fire

The fire spread rapidly and the building was a total loss. The local fire department is investigating the cause of the blaze. Both recycling and compaction equipment were manufactured in the production portion of the facility. Sebright recently completed a new painting facility which moved any paint and chemicals to a different location.

Brent Sebright, president, has said, “The fire will not impact staffing levels. In fact, all employees reported for work at the start of business on May 20. We have adequate production space to move the workers from the building that burned into our other production facilities. We will start additional shifts if necessary, but feel that our other three production facilities in the West Michigan area can handle the influx of workers.”

Our customers will not notice any impact from the fire thanks to our dedicated staff and our management’s forethought. Projects in production will deliver on time. Those customers with any questions should contact their salesperson, or e-mail Brent Sebright directly at brents@sebrightproducts.com.

The engineering-design offices have been moved to temporary quarters in another building within the same complex, and are already up and running.