JULY 2010

Traffic signs made from recycled e-waste plastic

Signs made from e-waste

Image Microsystems have received their first approval by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) for a product made from their MicroStrate™ material.

“We know that every pound TxDOT sends to a landfill costs Texas taxpayers,” explained Woody Raine, PE, TxDOT’s recycling program coordinator. “That’s why we’re always on the lookout for recycled-content products that meet our strict performance requirements at competitive prices. Along the way, we don’t mind taking a little credit for helping make landfills last longer and supporting programs that employ more Texans,” added Raine.

Patent pending MicroStrate™ is a versatile material made completely of recycled e-waste plastic. Image Microsystems’ proprietary manufacturing process combines “dirty” plastic found in spent printer cartridges and computer or printer housings and converts it into resilient, cost-effective, earth-friendly products. Dirty plastic is considered valueless in the recycling supply chain and as a result frequently ends up in landfills.