JULY 2010

Novelis chosen to supply aluminum sheet for BMW sedan

Novelis announced that it has been selected as the main supplier of aluminum sheet for the sixth generation BMW 5 Series sedan, which went on sale this spring. This latest model features lightweight aluminum sheet in the doors, hood, front fenders and reinforcement parts. In addition, BMW has specified Novelis Fusion technology for the door structures, which is likely to be the biggest-selling automotive application to date for this patented multi-layer aluminum product.

The use of Novelis Fusion has enabled BMW to manufacture one-piece aluminum door structures, with integral window frames, to a design that is not achievable with conventional aluminum sheet. The result is a 25 percent reduction in the weight of the door, when compared with a similar steel design. It is the unique combination of core properties and surface characteristics provided by the multi-alloy composition of Novelis FusionM that makes this possible.

The new 5 Series continues BMW’s growing use of aluminum sheet. Novelis also currently supplies aluminum sheet for a range of other BMW models, including the M3 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, X6, X5 and Z4. The lightweight material helps deliver improved performance through overall vehicle mass reduction.