JULY 2010

Ohio EPA begins landfill capping and closure of A&L Salvage

Ohio EPA and its contractor are beginning a multi-million dollar effort to properly cap and close the A&L Salvage Landfill located in Lisbon, Ohio.

R. B. Jergens Contractors of Vandalia, Ohio, is mobilizing equipment at the former construction and demolition debris landfill and will begin significant earth-moving work. The goal is to have the landfill’s permanent cap completed by Thanksgiving.

Over the next six months, Jergens and its sub-contractors will initiate a series of tasks to stabilize the landfill and permanently cap the 42 acre disposal area. Those tasks include: covering hotspots with clay; relocating waste to achieve a proper grade; installing a gas collection system to control odors; and covering the landfill with a plastic cap, soil and vegetation to keep water away from the waste and control runoff. The project is estimated to cost $3.2 million, which will be provided by the landfill’s owners.

Ohio EPA carefully considered project bids from four companies before selecting R.B. Jergens to do the work. The Agency believes Jergens proposed the best overall design for site closure, limiting landfill odors and controlling a suspected subsurface fire. The company also has substantial experience working on landfills.

Relocating waste in the disposal area is expected to take 14 days or less in June and/or July.

During this time needed to relocate the waste in the disposal area, the community may experience periods of increased landfill odors. When moving waste, Jergens may work beyond their normal 10 hour day to minimize the time the waste is exposed and causing odors.

To protect workers and the community during the project, Jergens must comply with a health and safety plan, and Ohio EPA will continue to monitor air emissions around the landfill.