JULY 2010

SPI and PacEd develop solar project for CA transfer center

Solar Power, Inc. (SPI) announced that it has been contracted by BLT Enterprises to design and construct a 397 kW photovoltaic solar system to provide power for BLT Enterprises’ Fremont Recycling and Transfer Station (FRTS) located in Fremont, California.

The project has been developed jointly by Pacific Edison, LLC (PacEd) and Solar Power, Inc. The FRTS handles the recycling and disposal needs for the residents of the Tri-Cities area (Fremont, Newark and Union City) and in 2009 recycled nearly 14,000 tons of material.

Solar Power, Inc. will design and construct the solar system, which will include a mix of rooftop racking and parking shade structures on which the 1,776 solar modules will be mounted.

Once completed, the solar system will produce more than 576,000 kWh of electricity, and deliver more than $128,000 in savings during its first year of operation. The system will reduce the electrical utility costs of operating the FRTS by more than $4.24 million over 25 years.