JULY 2011

Don Rachel named NDA president

Don Rachel, CEO of Rachel Contracting, St. Michael, Minnesota, has been named president of the National Demolition Association (NDA).

Rachel has been actively involved with the NDA since 1990 and has served as chairperson of the environmental and safety committees, as well as vice president, secretary and treasurer of the organization.

As president, Rachel expressed his determination to keep the association focused on giving its member companies the tools they need to be successful in the demolition industry. “We can’t control the national economy, but we can give our members the resources they need to control their own individual business economy,” Rachel said. “Our goal is to add real value to membership in the NDA by producing deliverables that will positively impact the bottom line.”

Under the new president, the NDA education committee will continue its work of actively encouraging colleges offering degrees in construction management to incorporate a major course of study in demolition, following the successful example of Purdue University, which offers the nation’s first demolition and reconstruction specialization. The NDA and Purdue partnered on the development of the specialization.