JULY 2011

NSWMA/CMRA announce construction and demolition wood fuel specifications

The Construction Materials Recycling Association (CMRA) and the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA), worked together to develop viable, in-use construction and demolition (C&D) wood fuel specifications. The specifications are based on industry experience, permit requirements for boilers using C&D wood as a fuel stock and regulatory requirements governing the use of this material. The specifications provide real world guidance on what works in the marketplace for C&D wood fuel buyers (boiler owners and operators) and sellers (C&D wood processors).

C&D wood is generated at construction and demolition sites and processed throughout the United States by dedicated C&D processors. The processed wood is turned into a variety of end products, one of the most valuable of which is a fuel stock. The specifications are designed to serve as a starting point in negotiations between potential buyers and sellers of C&D wood fuel and to aid governmental regulators and legislators better understand workable and proven specifications for C&D wood fuel.

Dan Costello, chair of CMRA’s Material Standards Committee and president of Costello Dismantling, stated, “Wood is one of the primary materials generated at construction and demolition sites, coming from a wide variety of sources. In fact, we estimate that it can make up 30 percent of these materials. The specs will help standardize wood chips processed at C&D processing facilities and expand markets for this valuable biomass fuel.”

C&D wood that is processed properly provides an economical and environmentally-friendly biomass fuel stock. C&D wood fuel stock is widely used in dedicated boilers globally and throughout North America.

C&D wood fuel stock has advantages over other biomass products, because it is kiln dried and provides a higher Btu value when used as a fuel. However, the fuel product has to be made to exact specifications in order to meet the operating and permit needs of industrial boilers and gasification systems.