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ARCA Advanced Processing receives award

ARCA Advanced Processing, LLC (AAP) has received a Pennsylvania 2012 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence for the installation of the first UNTHA Recycling Technology (URT) plant in the United States. The Governor’s Awards for Environmental Excellence are presented each year by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to highlight the best in environmental innovation and expertise throughout the Commonwealth. AAP is one of seventeen award winners honored in 2012.

AAP, a joint venture between ARCA and 4301 Operations, LLC, provides appliance recycling services for GE Appliances in a 12 state region on the East Coast, as well as for several electric utility companies. The URT system processes entire refrigerators and freezers to remove over 95 percent of the blowing agent from polyurethane foam insulation, significantly reducing the emissions of ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gases. Compared to the typical refrigerator recycling process, the URT system recovers approximately an additional 47 pounds of material that was originally destined for a landfill.

“The installation of the first URT technology in the U.S. at our Philadelphia recycling center has allowed us to recycle more than 70,000 refrigerators in conformance with U.S. EPA Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) standards, creating more than 50 green collar jobs in the process,” said Brian Conners, president and chief operating officer of AAP.