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Alpine begins accepting heavy plastics

Commerce City-based Alpine Waste & Recycling has begun accepting mixed rigid plastics for processing at their Altogether Recycling Plant, 645 W. 53rd Place, Denver, Colorado.

Alpine actively solicits mixed rigid plastics for recycling and was the first waste hauler in the Denver area to use natural gas trucks.

The mixed rigid plastics made of high-density polyethylene include heavy, over-sized items such as lawn furniture, five-gallon buckets, pallets and even dog houses or small sheds.

Alpine, which recently expanded its recycling plant, is able to handle the heavy plastics because Alpine has a long pre-sort line. Alpine also has an open layout and chutes built into the line that have the capacity to handle the plastics. Perhaps more importantly, Alpine instructs its drivers to leave their cabs and pick up large items that won’t fit into typical recycling bins.