JULY 2013
Equipment Spotlight Feature Article   Fork Attachments

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Manufacturer List

Aim Attachments
Chris Nichols

Arrow Material Handling Products
Steve Paulseen

Attachments International
Naomi Getz

Bateman Manufacturing
Mark Vandenberg

C&C Machining Inc.
Brian Cowan

Cascade Corporation
Jason Clarke

Ferguson Trailer Sales
Craig Ferguson

Pemberton, Inc.
Mike Duffy

Rockland Manufacturing
Bonnie Strayer

SAS Forks
Adam Lindley

Solesbee’s Equipment
& Attachments
David Jenkins

Choosing the correct fork attachment for your wheel loader can boost auto recycling productivity. A fork is comprised of two individual blades/tines and a rack. The length, shape and substance of the fork combine to determine the fitness of the fork. Understanding how the fork will be used in a given operation will help a user choose the most appropriate model.

The mission at C&C Machining is to stand out from the competition by achieving true excellence in both products and customer service. “We are an aggressive, family-owned company with a commitment to providing customers with top quality products in a timely, cost-efficient manner. Established in 1994, we’ve built our reputation by exceeding customer expectations on every job,” said Brian Cowan, welding supervisor.

C&C Machining

Cowan claims the firm’s attention to customer satisfaction has led to C&C’s growth. They are the exclusive manufacturer of Al-jon Fork Products, which are constructed from high quality materials that must pass stringent quality control guidelines before shipment. C&C’s Scrap Buckets are designed to complement the Universal Engine Puller (UEP). “When used with the UEP, you never have to leave your loader to attach or detach. Simply load the scrap bucket on your fork and retract the UEP engine pincers, which in turn will lock the scrap bucket in place. The fork pockets are on the inside so the fork bottom remains flat and it is easier to scoop up objects,” explained Cowan. Approximate product dimensions are 7’ x 6’ x 2’.

C&C forks are constructed from high strength T-1 steel to provide maximum durability and lifespan. Tine length is 6’ to 12’ standard (but can be customized to any length) with tapered design and beveled tips for easy load separation. With knock out pins, changing attachments can be accomplished in minutes, at most. The fork package consists of a heavy duty weld with mounting plates to fit a particular loader or quick-attach mounting system. Standard back, low back, and high back profiling can be built to client specifications. C&C also offers replacement parts, and in most cases will have the following components in stock: pins, pincers for UEPs, tines and hydraulic cylinders.

Cowan commented, “In today’s marketplace, good service isn’t so easy to find. Service and quality are one and the same at C&C because we still remember what it is to service a customer and we stand behind what we sell. If a specialized application is needed, our helpful staff will work with you on designing something that will satisfy your needs.”

Cascade Corporation operates several state-of-the-art facilities around the world, dedicated to producing forks for all load ratings, dimensions and lengths. In addition to standard class II, III and IV ITA and shaft forks, the company specializes in creating custom fork designs. Efficient production processes, low cycle times and advanced inventory control enable the plants to react quickly to short lead time orders and ensure that standard products are on hand at all times.

Cascade Corporation

“We’ve been in business since 1943 and our staff is specialized in the production and distribution of forks. We possess the most knowledge in the industry, dedicated to finding the right solution for any requirement,” stated Jason Clarke, manager, customer service/sales. Cascade forks are made from high quality steel, and are designed and tested to meet or exceed one million lift cycles. All Cascade manufacturing facilities are certified to current ISO quality and environmental standards. Their precise manufacturing process includes inspections critical to the safety of each fork. ANSI ITSDF B56.11.4-2005 requires that forks be checked every year. Forks showing 10 percent wear (20 percent reduction in capacity) must be replaced. Cascade developed a fork inspection safety kit complete with fork wear calipers, an inspection log to track inspection results, and an instruction guide to assist users in making sure their forks are safe and in compliance.

Clarke said, “Visit our website to see a video about the Cascade fork inspection kit. There are other videos available there as well, that highlight current trends in fork accessories, such as Cascade magnetic fork covers – DAGS, and slip resistant fork covers that can be installed in seconds, which also improve load stability. Cascade Ravas iForks save time and money by weighing loads as you move them, and work on virtually any lift truck.”

SAS engineers fork attachments specifically designed for extreme applications in auto salvage and scrap recycling yards. “SAS Forks successfully move, without damage, thousands of cars and trucks in auction yards, every day. The attachments are preferred in severe duty applications where zero down time is required,” commented Adam Lindley, sales.

Self-service and scrap metal yards use the SAS Scorpion engine puller to process end of life vehicles. The speed and strength of the Scorpion quickly separates metals prior to crushing/shredding and allows for maximum recovery from each vehicle. Not only does the fork pull engines and transmissions, it removes wire harnesses, copper, aluminum and other precious metals, adding value to the purchase price of the scrap vehicle.

SAS Forks

SAS crushing and car body forks move and place cars quickly and accurately as well as load and unload haulers with single to multiple car loads. Lindley said the SAS 15’ fork can move cars and trucks without damage in auction, late model and self-service yards making the product the most highly sought after forks on the market.

SAS was started in 1972 as a late model auto salvage yard and evolved into an attachment manufacturer. “We began with our 15’ forks, and next came the car body and crushing forks, and then the hydraulically-operated engine pullers and our grapple products. Now, we also offer our Extreme Auto Processor excavator. SAS works to stay ahead of the needs of the industry. Our products are designed to be a direct fit for the equipment required, with minimal setup and assembly needed for the customer. We intend to keep pace with industry requirements by continuing to invent the products needed to make jobs go faster and easier,” stated Lindley.