Asphalt Shingle Recycling Website

The website was recently launched to provide information about asphalt shingle recycling. The site includes data on contaminant issues, processing techni-ques, end markets and contact infor-mation for state regulator officials re-sponsible for overseeing the practice. The site, developed by the Construction Materials Recycling Association under a grant from U.S. EPA Region 5 and hosted by the National Roofing Con-tractors Association, also includes com-prehensive listing of the literature, studies, reports, and other documents on asphalt shingle recycling.

"More than 11 million tons of waste asphalt shingles are generated in the United States every year, and this web site will provide the information needed to answer the questions surrounding the processing and reuse of this resource," said Paul Ruesch, environmental engineer, U.S. EPA. "Not only will recycling shingles save our natural resources, but it will provide environ-mentally friendly jobs in businesses that provide communities a tax base."

William Turley, executive director of CMRA, said, "The shingles themselves contain valuable bitumen and cubical aggregate product that works well in a variety of end products, especially in the paving industry. In the past so much of this valuable resource had been thrown away. With this webpage, we hope to support the growing movement toward recycling asphalt shingles."

"Roofing contractors have been interested for years in more environmentally friendly techniques for their profession," said Tom Shanahan, association exective director of NRCA. "This webpage we are supporting will provide information to help take care of our industry's waste stream in an environmentally sound manner."

The website, can be accessed through, and has five main sections: Markets, Literature, Environmental and Permitting Issue, Literature and Links.