EPA Grants $14.6 Million for Brownfield Redevelopment

EPA Administrator Christie Whitman announced $14.6 million in Brownfields grants to assess the contamination of abandoned properties in 80 communities around the nation.

Ms. Whitman said, "Brownfields reclamation is one of the great environmental success stories of the past decade. But the story is hardly over. EPA and its partners in every state of the union are ready to write the next chapter in the brownfields story. Given the commitment of this Administration, I can guarantee you that story will have a very happy ending."

The grants were awarded under EPA's Brownfields Assessment Demonstration Pilot program. Around the country, 38 communities received funding totaling $7.95 million for new Assessment Demonstration Pilots that fund the assessment of Brownfields properties.

Brownfields are abandoned, idled or under-used industrial and commercial facilities where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination.

For every dollar of federal money spent on Brownfields cleanup activities, cities and states produce or leverage $2.48 in private investment. To date, EPA's Brownfields program has leveraged over $4 billion in public and private investments that have turned abandoned industrial properties into thriving economic centers, useful recreational areas and beneficial open spaces.