Iron Ax Enviro-Rack Drains Fluids Without Spills

Keeping old vehicle fluids out of the soil when being drained can be a challenge for auto dismantlers and auto crushers. Iron Ax, Inc. has designed The Enviro-Rack auto dismantling station to safely drain and capture old gasoline, oils and other fluids from vehicles without a drop hitting the ground.

Charlie Hall, owner of Iron Ax said, "This is made for the auto crusher and parts yards. It's a way to drain fluids without spillage."

The Enviro-Rack works by placing the car on an elevated rack with a forklift. There are strategically placed swinging adjustable funnels for draining the fluids. The elevated rack allows for easy access under the car.

The funnels lead to tanks where fluids are collected separately. Two of the funnels have been designed with drills on the inside to reduce the chance of fluids leaking anywhere. The drills are run by compressed air with the rack functioning as the air tank.

The Enviro-Rack is built on top of a grated platform with lower containment tanks that collects any fluids that do happen to drip. The rack tilts so all fluids can be drained to one side and is adjustable to any size automobile. The racks can be stationary on-site or made mobile.

"None of the fluids touch the ground," said Mr. Hall. "We've been in the auto crushing business for 30 years. We developed this to handle some of the modern environmental issues that concern auto crushers and the public today."

The racks can be designed specifically for a customer's needs. Collection tanks can be made to collect each fluid separately— oil, gas, transmission fluid, antifreeze. Some of the fluids can be collected together and others separately. Customers who collect volumes of gas can have additional tanks for this.

The Enviro-Rack can make collection of these fluids for recycling or reuse easier for the auto dismantler.