New Equipment Recycles Mixed Plastics for Reuse in Wood Products, Other Uses

The recycling business has been receiving more and more attention from different industries as the cost of raw materials increase and environmental regulations get stronger than ever before to protect the globe. This basically pushes companies in plastic-based industries to save and reuse every pound of material that is processed.

Gelimat from Draiswerke enables companies to recycle and reuse high cost ingredients with little work. The machine is able to process most plastic materials with up to 70 percent filler degree in a matter of seconds. Gelimat processes PE, UHMWPE, PP, PVC, PVDC, ABS and virtually any thermoplastic or themoset resin, alloyed, highly filled and/or virgin. Low cost recycled plastics can be fluxed and reprocessed with wood flour/natural fibers or any other organic or inorganic fibers. Research and studies have shown that Gelimat will expand recycled uses in the wood industry. Extremely low cost recycled plastics have been mixed and further processed with wood flour/ natural fibers and cellulose fibers to manufacture building construction materials.

The machine's high speed thermo-kinetic mixer/compounder, is able to mix and compound polymers with different wood products quickly. Gelimat is also able to accommodate moisture content in the product without an additional drying system.

Gelimat will do everything that a twin screw extruder does except shaping. The only downstream equipment you would need is a shaping device such as a pelletizer or a short barrel extruder.