Visteon Receives SAE Award for Recyclable Instrument Panel

Dearborn, MI - Visteon Corporation received top honors at the Society of Automotive Engineers' recent Government and Industry Meeting. Within the Materials Development and Usage category, Visteon was awarded the 2001 Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award, for its fully recyclable olefinic instrument panels.

"This award is an example of Visteon's leadership in designing for the environment," said Gary Mayo, Visteon's Global Director of Environmental Affairs. "From the drawing board to the customer, Visteon is producing a cockpit that will never need to go to a landfill. And not only is it good for the environment, but is effective in reducing operating cost as well."

Much credit can be given to Visteon's Laminate Insert Molding process, a unique, cost-effective process for producing integrated cockpits. The process enables Visteon to deliver soft paneled, 100 percent recyclable products to automotive customers.

During the Laminate Insert Molding process a pre-formed laminate skin is inserted into a horizontal molding press before the injection cycle. The resulting product is an attractive, one-piece molded polypropylene instrument panel skin with selective soft touch zones. This process allows Visteon to build cockpits while integrating smaller components to help reduce weight and improve upon noise and vibration. Laminate Insert Molding is constructed using a single-family chemical system (Olefin), resulting in the molded skin being fully recyclable.