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August 2004

Cleaner Method of Pulp Bleaching Introduced to Paper Industry

San Diego, CA— Diversa Corporation announced the launch of Luminase enzyme, a product that allows pulp and paper manufacturers to improve the cost and quality of pulp processing.

“The launch of Luminase enzyme significantly expands our growing portfolio of fiber modification products. We believe that because of its ability to produce brighter, whiter paper with reduced amounts of chemicals, its ease of use in current pulp and paper manufacturing processes, and its 100 percent biodegradable nature, Luminase enzyme is an important addition for the multi- billion dollar worldwide paper industry,” said Jay M. Short, Ph.D., Diversa’s president and chief executive officer.

“We believe that the potential cost savings and processing advantages allow Luminase enzyme to address a market of over $200 million. Using Luminase enzyme reduces the need for harsh bleaching chemicals by as much as 28 percent. All bleaching chemicals combined cost the paper industry nearly $2 billion dollars each year,” continued Dr. Short.

Luminase enzyme can be used over a wider range of manufacturing conditions, including time, temperature, and alkalinity, than other enzyme products, which makes it useful to a broader range of customers. With more than 65 million tons of bleached kraft pulp fiber and 300 million tons of paper products produced each year worldwide, the launch of Luminase enzyme comes at a time when paper production has reached record levels and environmental regulations for chemicals are becoming more stringent.

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