August 2005

New technologies explored at the Polyurethanes 2005 Trade Fair

Arlington, VA— New research into commercially viable technologies for recycling polyurethane, including recovery, reuse and waste-to-energy studies, will headline the recycling session at the Polyurethanes 2005 Technical Conference & Trade Fair, sponsored by the Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry (API), October 17-19 in Houston, Texas. Additional presentations in the recycling session will cover European regulations for waste sectors such as packaging, automotive and electronic goods.

Representatives from Troy Polymers Inc. will discuss a process to glycolyze mixed polyurethane foams recovered from automotive shredder residue. This advanced form of chemical recycling can yield materials that can then be reused to form new polyurethane polymers that largely retain the properties and functionality of the original materials.

This year’s recycling session also will feature two papers detailing waste-to-energy research that is being conducted to test polyurethanes as a fuel source. Studies currently taking place in Europe and North America seek to evaluate the use of polyurethane waste as a co-fuel source in power, cement and lime production plants. At the conference, representatives for each study will detail their findings, including lab analysis of the raw material, ash and emissions. The presentation on European activities may be of particular interest to some, as waste sector regulations there are leading to landfill phase-out in most central European countries starting in 2005.

The Polyurethanes 2005 Technical Conference & Trade Fair offers more than 80 technical papers on a wide variety of topics, including appliance applications; automotive interior trim and structural RIM applications; and regulatory updates.

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