August 2005

Simeken creates simplified clean energy system that’s economical

Long Beach, CA— Simeken, Inc., an environmental energy company, reported that its Pyrolysis Recovery System (PRO) completed its production demonstrations on June 29th, 2005. These demonstrations, which in part were supported by the City of Matamoros and the Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI), provided Simeken, Inc. with the land, resources, and permits needed to develop and test this advanced technology.

Pyrolysis, the chemical distillation of a substance in an oxygen-free environment, has been around for many years, but the technology has not often been proven to be reliable or economic. After five years in development, Simeken successfully completed its tests and the beginning of its product marketing program.

Simeken has been using wood waste and tires in its production testing and the results have exceeded expectations. This demonstration unit is able to process up to 75 tons per day of used tires or wood waste, with air emissions that are well below environmental standards.

David Weddle, vice president of operations for Simeken, Inc., said, “Our ability to provide clean heat for energy as well as the quality of our recycled by-products has shown that our technology can be both environmental and economic.”

Over 275 million tires are sold or replaced each year creating an additional 5.5 billion pounds of waste. Most tire recycling programs have proven either too expensive or not environmentally sound.

Simeken simplifies its process by producing only energy and carbon. “With reliability being the key to energy production, we have dramatically simplified our process,” Weddle states. “When looking at technology, sometimes simpler is better.”


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