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August 2006


Novelis recycled more than 35 billion aluminum beverage cans in 2005

Novelis Inc. recycled nearly one million metric tons of aluminum scrap in 2005, including more than 35 billion used beverage cans.

“Recycled aluminum is an important source of raw material,” said Martha Brooks, chief operating officer. “Approximately 30 percent of our metal input comes from recycling. It supports our in-house production, supplementing our purchases of primary metal. The closed loop recycling of beverage cans, from store shelf to consumer to store shelf, has been a tremendous success for our industry.”

Novelis sources recycled metal from post-consumer products, primarily beverage cans, as well as post-industrial scrap. Scrap recovered within Novelis’ own operations is not included in the company’s calculations of recycled metal.

In 2005, Novelis completed a $2.5 million investment in its recycling facility in Warrington, UK, enabling a 25 percent increase in the plant’s capacity to process used cans. The investment reflects increased recycling rates in Europe and the growing preference for aluminum over steel in the manufacture of beverage cans.

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