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August 2006


Recycling hits the road with a family of five

The owners of Great Lakes Recycling (GLR) in Michigan, the Rosen family, are taking the business’s ‘Anyone can Recycle’ motto on the road with a unique approach to the traditional family vacation.

The family of five is touring the country, attempting to visit 50 states in 50 days. They embarked on their mission June 18th, and they intend to be on the road until August 5th.

Their small RV, a Roadtrek Versatile 190, has the recycling company’s web address emblazoned on the side, and they will also be handing out flyers with recycling information at every stop along the way.

Sandy Rosen and his wife, Lucinda, wanted to take a family vacation before their children, Carly, 15, Ryan, 14, and Sydney, 10, got too much older. The original idea was to rent an RV and drive out West to see everything along the way. Sandy and Lucinda began joking about taking a trip to all 50 states. After they pulled out the maps and discussed it some more, that joke became a reality.

Initially, the family planned on eating one meal in each state, but after some deliberation, they decided that visiting at least one tourist attraction in each state was also necessary. The itinerary includes sights like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a Coca-Cola factory, and a hot air balloon ride.

The time between attractions is busy as well. Sandy, Lucinda and Carly all share the driving responsibility, and there are numerous activities for those not occupied with driving. There is the scrapbook to make and upload to the family’s website, hotels to book, and car repairs to make.

In addition to viewing the scrapbook of the trip, visitors to the family’s site can also read their blog and check out the GLR website. The RV is also equipped with plenty of fun stuff with which to while away time on the road. There’s Sirius satellite radio, a DVD player, and a Playstation 2, along with various other amenities.

To follow the Rosen’s adventure, log onto

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