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August 2006


Redemtech institutes new, enhanced recycling process

Redemtech announced it is implementing enhanced recovery and reuse processes that will allow the company to salvage components that would otherwise be scrapped, reducing e-waste volume and increasing parts availability for refurbishing programs.

“One of the primary missions of our business is to reduce the environmental and social impact of end-of-life electronics,” said Robert Houghton, president and founder of Redemtech. “These changes support that mission by ensuring every usable component of an otherwise unusable computer system, laptop or server is salvaged. Those components, in turn, support refurbishing programs that promote reuse and extend equipment life.”

Redemtech processes more than 2 million assets annually and will now approve only “combination” downstream partners for e-waste processing.

Combination processors are able to provide both de-manufacturing and shredding-separation-refining services so that end-of-life materials have useful parts recovered before the balance of materials are processed for final recycling. Redemtech has identified five partners capable of meeting the new requirements, providing the capacity required to make the change effective immediately.

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