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August 2007

Startech Environmental receives Technology Innovation of the Year award from Frost & Sullivan

The 2007 Frost & Sullivan North American Technology Innovation of the Year Award in the field of waste management technologies went to Startech Environmental Corp. for its development of the Plasma Converter™, which converts a wide variety of waste materials into non-hazardous and useful end products.

In 2000 Startech expanded its product line to include a hydrogen separation technology called StarCell™, which works in tandem with the core Plasma Converter™ technology, and provides a green and renewable source of hydrogen so as to speed up the hydrogen economy.

Startech also introduced waste to fuel; a provision to produce alternative fuels from the Plasma Converted Gas (PCG™), the synthesis gas that is produced in the Plasma Converter. Startech’s plasma-based technologies are finding increasing acceptance in industry, as end users become aware of the benefits of such technology.

For its development of this plasma converter technology and the impact it could have on the environmental sector, Frost & Sullivan awarded Startech Environmental with the Award for Technology Innovation of the Year.