Comcast collects more than 70,000 pounds of e-waste

Denver-area residents responsibly recycled their unused televisions, computer monitors and other e-waste at Comcast Colorado’s Screen to Green Recycling Rally held in June in Denver. More than 70,000 pounds of e-waste, including nearly 1,000 screens and computer monitors were collected at the event in four hours.

Denver-area residents were able to drop-off their unused electronics for a reduced rate at the event where e-waste recyclers Guaranteed Recycling Xperts (GRX) and Waste Management collected the e-waste and prepared it to be responsibly recycled. On average, each participant recycled about two screens per vehicle. In addition to recycling, participants received a mini-education on electronics recycling through the event’s e-Waste Education Alley that was staffed by volunteers armed with knowledge and facts about electronics recycling.

Participants learned that electronic waste, including televisions, if improperly disposed could become toxic waste. Electronics are full of toxic materials such as lead, mercury and beryllium and other elements that if not responsibly managed, could be harmful to people and the environment. Also, each television or computer monitor may contain up to eight pounds of lead. When televisions and other e-waste are discarded and crushed in landfills, they may leach chemicals into groundwater and pollute the air. The Screen to Green Recycling Rally provided residents with the opportunity to responsibly recycle their electronics and keep them out of local landfills.

In addition to keeping electronics out of landfills to protect the environment, recycling has additional benefits. For example, valuable resources such as precious metals, plastics and glass can be extracted and reused. According to the EPA, reusing and recycling these materials from end-of-life electronics conserves natural resources and avoids air and water pollution as well as green house gases that are emitted by the manufacturing of new products.