Republic’s landfill provides biogas to Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Republic Services, Inc. has begun to provide biogas from its McCarty Road Landfill to the Anheuser-Busch brewery in Houston for use as an alternative fuel source. The project was developed as part of a partnership with Ameresco that constructed and operates a biogas processing facility on the landfill’s property.

Once processed by Ameresco’s operation, the gas is carried through a six-mile pipeline to the Anheuser-Busch brewery to help generate steam energy for the brewery’s power plant. More than 55 percent of the brewery’s fuel demand will be supplied by this new alternative fuel source. Additional gas from the McCarty Road landfill also is captured, processed and sold to a local utility.

McCarty Road Landfill is the main recipient of refuse from the residents and businesses in east Houston and the surrounding suburbs. The landfill employs more than 124 area residents.

Republic Services plans for a portion of their project revenue to go toward area non-profit causes. Harris County Commissioner El Franco Lee will assist Republic Services in identifying worthwhile causes in communities around the landfill.

The McCarty Road Landfill gas project is one of 75 alternative energy projects at Republic Services’ landfills nationwide.