Mission wood waste and recycling center set to open

Carbon Friendly Solutions Inc. announced that its 75 percent owned subsidiary Pacific Briquetter’s Inc. (PBI), has received final approval from the BC Ministry of Environment for its Material Recovery Facility permit at its biomass energy production, wood waste and recycling facility, located in Mission, British Columbia

The Mission Woodwaste & Recycling Centre (MWRC) a division of PBI, opened for business in July 2010 to immediately start accepting a variety of construction, demolition and wood waste materials delivered to the Centre from within the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD). The FVRD is comprised of six municipalities including Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, Kent and Harrison Hot Springs covering roughly 13,900 square kilometers and a population of over 250,000 people.

MWRC will charge tipping fees for waste materials delivered to the Centre. Tipping fees will vary based on the type of waste and volume ranging from $15 to $75 CAD per ton. The MWRC site location is equipped with an 80 foot scale to support any size truck and has the capacity to accommodate up to 200,000 tons of waste materials annually.

The waste materials will be sorted, processed and utilized at the Centre site location to produce a number of reusable engineered products. These products include biomass briquettes, mixed blend fuels and yard fill. The various PBI engineered products will be marketed to businesses such as energy companies, cement plants, combined heat and power facilities and landfill operators for daily cover.

PBI intends to sell its various engineered products produced at the Centre for a range of $20 to $180 CAD per ton depending on product type, demand, quantity and foreign currency exchange rates for exported products. A small percentage of unused materials collected such as metal, cardboard, tires and batteries will be sold or delivered to other recyclers.