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NYC considers implementing polystyrene foodservice ban

Local lawmakers in New York City introduced a bill to ban the sale of polystyrene foam foodservice products, a decision which will negatively impact thousands of New York City businesses, as well as millions of local consumers and taxpayers. The proposal, supported by the Bloomberg Administration, has the potential to cost New York City and state nearly $100 million per year and will do little to reduce solid waste.

Local restaurant owners joined business leaders at a press conference at City Hall to express concern about the effect of a ban on their businesses and bottom line, and encourage the city to explore a recycling initiative.

With a ban in place, New York restaurants would need to purchase more expensive alternatives which would pressure already squeezed profit margins.

State officials, including Senator Michael F. Nozzolio and Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, have already voiced their concerns, asking the Administration and City Council to rethink a potential ban.