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eRecyclingCorps sets record with over one million wireless device trade-ins

eRecyclingCorps (eRC), a wireless device trade-in and reuse provider, disclosed that it completed more than 1.1 million secure wireless device trade-ins in May 2013, setting a new industry record for device collections in a single month.

Throughout the month of May, eRC collected more than 37,000 mobile devices each day via incentivized in-store trade-ins or roughly one device trade-in every second that carrier retail stores were open in May.

The 1.1 million devices represent more than 450,000 lbs. of electronic waste diverted from landfills, demonstrating the sheer scale that can be achieved by an integrated trade-in platform.

Additional trade-in data from eRC reflects the extent of the company’s rapid growth:

  • More than 270 percent increase in total device trade-ins compared with May 2012.
  • More than 300 percent increase in total device trade-ins for smartphones year over year.

Unlike online only or other trade-in solutions in the marketplace, eRC’s platform is completely integrated into the retail environment, offering a transparent, convenient and secure trade-in transaction. The company works hand in hand with major carrier partners to co-develop tailored retail programs that drive unparalleled trade-in rates of high-quality phones. eRC’s retail programs include device, seasonal or geographically targeted promotions, marketing programs and robust in-store staff trainings.

The millions of devices collected via eRC’s carrier and retail in-store programs are resold in developed and emerging markets, where they offer consumers access to high quality mobile technology at lower costs, helping to bridge the digital divide.