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Recyclebank rewards program obtains commitments from several new localities

Active in more than 300 communities across all 50 states, Recyclebank is launching or expanding in the following communities this summer:

– Aston, Pa., in partnership with Opdenaker, Inc.
– Loveland, Colo.
– Stallings and Indian Trail, N.C., in partnership with God Bless the USA,Inc.

The following communities in partnership with Waste Management, Inc.:

– Bernalillo County, N.M.
– Bradford Woods Borough, Pa.
– Davie, Fla.
– Ela Township, Ill.
– Etna Borough, Pa.
– Hampton Township, Pa.
– Indiana, Pa.
– Millvale, Pa.
– O’Hara, Pa.
– Osceola County, Fla., in additional partnership with Waste Services,
– Plato Township, Ill.
– Ross, Pa.
– Umatilla, Fla.

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Recyclebank®, a company that rewards people for taking green actions with discounts and deals, disclosed that 17 communities have committed to the company’s popular rewards-for-recycling program in the form of new launches, multi-year contract renewals and expansions to additional areas, driving market differentiation.

“Every day we bring together municipalities and their residents as well as waste haulers and their customers with national and local brand partners to deliver on our promise of creating a more sustainable future,” said David Eisendrath, COO at Recyclebank.

Recyclebank partners with municipalities, waste haulers, small businesses and corporate brands to incentivize green actions with points that can be redeemed for discounts and deals from locally-based businesses and national brands. Similar to a frequent flier program that drives brand loyalty to a specific airline, Recyclebank is a rewards program for the planet, incenting people to change their behavior – putting more materials in the recycling stream while earning points that benefit them on a personal level.

“Increasing recycling rates is about changing behavior. Through incentives, education and campaign outreach, Recyclebank is able to amplify the consciousness of a community’s residents around the importance of recycling and the environment,” Eisendrath continued. “By educating and empowering more than 4 million members online and offline, Recyclebank aims to increase recycling rates and encourage members to make more sustainable choices like reducing energy and water consumption, taking smarter transportation and other environmentally-friendly actions.”

In a recent survey, Recyclebank found that 82 percent of members report the company is influential in motivating them to recycle more. Beyond recycling behaviors, Recyclebank discovered that as members engage with the program, they begin to incorporate more green actions into their lives; in the same survey, Recyclebank found that 80 percent of members report the program is influential in encouraging them to take other green actions.