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Biofilm tech overcomes seasonal wastewater issues

Biowater Technology, a manufacturer of biological wastewater treatment processes and equipment for municipal facilities, has been awarded a contract by Bloomingdale, Michigan to supply its Compete Mix Fixed Film (CMFF®) biological treatment process.

Bloomingdale’s existing wastewater treatment plant has unique challenges associated with seasonal fluctuation from regional school and food processor discharges. The existing lagoon could not meet new ammonia limits, and cold wastewater temperature exacerbates the problem.

The municipality selected Biowater’s CMFF which is based on the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor concept in which biofilm are fluidized in the bed and remove organics and nitrify ammonia and total Kjeldahl nitrogen. “The best solution to overcome the challenges with seasonal fluctuations and cold temperatures was to design a three-stage aerobic CMFF process followed by gravity clarification,” said Laura Marcolini, president of Biowater Technology US, LLC.

The cold weather in Bloomingdale has a significant impact on wastewater treatment efficiencies. Removing contaminants like biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids and other nutrients from wastewater is necessary no matter the weather conditions. Biowater Technology’s CMFF process provides an added benefit in extremely cold weather conditions because of its robust biofilm. This technology was developed in Norway and has significant benefits over traditional wastewater treatment processes like activated sludge, membrane bioreactor systems, sequencing batch reactor and lagoon processes.