Axcelis Awarded for Waste Recycling Efforts

Rockville, MD - Axcelis Technologies, Inc. has received the 2001 Recycler of the Year Award from Maryland's Montgomery County Department of Public Works (DPW) for its exemplary waste recycling efforts. The award recognizes Axcelis' commitment to protecting the environment, and follows the company's ISO 14001 International Environmental Certification last year.

"As one of the organizations receiving this esteemed award, Axcelis is applauded for its environmental achievements and commitment to Montgomery County's recycling program," said Eleanor Walker, business recycling program manager for the Montgomery County DPW. "Axcelis exemplifies an ideal recycling organization by excelling in and demonstrating superior efforts to reduce waste, recycle and use recycled products."

Axcelis' Rockville facility recycles 54% of its non-hazardous waste, reuses its packaging materials and has maintained strong recycling efforts for two consecutive years. The Recycler of the Year Award is given to companies and organizations that recycle at least 50% of waste.

The award was presented to Hilary Matthews, Axcelis' Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) engineer, and Sid Shusterman, Axcelis' EHS and Facilities engineering manager, on behalf of Axcelis. Matthews and Shusterman played key leadership roles in driving Axcelis' recycling program.

"With ISO 14001 certification, Axcelis has adopted the highest environmental management standards throughout our company. It's gratifying to see that these efforts have a positive impact on our community," said Michael Dreyer, vice president and general manager of Axcelis' Photoresist Processing Group. "This award not only reflects the recycling achievements at our Rockville facility, but also the involvement of the entire company in its role as a champion of the environment. The receipt of this award further demonstrates our commitment to the environment and the seriousness with which we view our corporate citizenship here in Montgomery County."

Montgomery County requires all businesses and multi-family properties to recycle. The Recycler of the Year Award program recognizes those groups that have taken actions to recycle beyond the minimum requirements. Award recipients are determined based on mandatory reporting by organizations and waste companies.

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