LP Particleboard and MDF Recycled Content Certified

Portland, OR - Louisiana-Pacific Corp. announced that Scientific Certification Systems, Inc. (SCS) has independently certified the recycled and/or recovered fiber content in its particleboard and medium density fiberboard products produced at California, Louisiana, Montana and Texas facilities.

SCS, a neutral third-party environ-mental testing and certification organization that verifies the accuracy of environmental and food safety claims, conducted a systematic on-site inspec-tion of selected LP industrial panel facilities. The audit included an extensive examination of plant records, on-site testing and the review of individual "upstream" suppliers.

"LP is proud to attain independent certification of the recycled and recovered fiber content in our industrial panel products," said Chris Paulson, LP general manager for industrial panels. "Producing dependable, quality products from materials that would otherwise be burned as fuel or sent to landfills makes both good environmental and business sense."

The following recycled and/or recovered fiber content levels apply to LP's certified industrial panel products: Arcata, California, particleboard, 90 percent recovered wood fiber; Urania, Louisiana, medium density fiberboard 90 percent recycled and recovered; Missoula, Montana, particleboard, 90 percent recycled and recovered; and Silsbee, Texas, particleboard, 70 percent recycled and recovered fiber.

"Our review of LP's claims was conducted over a period of several months, allowing us to look carefully at each operation before issuing final certification," said SCS Environmental Claims Certification Manager, David Bois.

Mr. Bois noted that LP's certified operations will be reviewed on an annual basis to maintain certification.

LP particleboard is widely used as core stock for cabinets, countertops, furniture, doors, millwork, moulding, displays and fixtures, as well as unfinished and pre-finished shelving and stair tread. LP medium density fiberboard is used as substrate for millwork, laminated flooring and cabinets, furniture, displays and fixtures- where edge machining and surface quality are critical.

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