New Jersey Awards Tire Pile Clean-up Grants

Monroe Township, NJ - In an effort to prevent the spread of the West Nile Virus, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection awarded grants totaling $2.4 million to nine counties to help them cleanup scrap tire piles.

Included in the awards was $750,000 for Gloucester County to clean up one of the largest scrap tire piles in New Jersey.

When discarded tires accumulate, even minimal amounts of water can become breeding grounds for mosquitos. During the course of one season, April through October, thousands of mosquitos can be bred from just one tire.

The purpose of the nine grants issued under the Scrap Tire Pile Remediation Fund is to help clean up some of the largest collections of discarded tire piles in the state. The other eight grant awards went to : Salem County, $721,000; Hunterdon County, $300,000; Burlington County, $121,500; Somerset County, $30,000; Morris County, $30,000; Cap May County, $30,000; Bergen County, $30,000; and Atlantic County, $30,000.