Pennsylvania DEP Inspects Haulers, Finds Violations

Harrisburg, PA - On behalf of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary David E. Hess announced that trash-truck inspections during Operation Clean Sweep resulted in haulers being cited for 11,082 safety and environmental violations.

In addition, 12 trucking firms were cited for 2,073 violations, accounting for nearly one-fifth of all violations issued by DEP, Pennsylvania State Police and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) during Pennsylvania's largest-ever environmental enforcement effort from May 21-29.

"This should be a wake-up call for these trucking companies," Secretary Hess said. "These are some of the largest waste haulers that do business in Pennsylvania, and they should be able to afford to maintain their trucks and keep them operating safely. So far, DEP has collected more than $34,000 in penalties for violations during Operation Clean Sweep, and more are expected as district justices hold hearings statewide.

"In addition to citations, DEP is sending each of the hauling companies notices of violations that will result in additional penalties from these firms. Pennsylvanians want safe vehicles on their roads, and these companies need to be responsible and stop operating unsafe trucks in the Commonwealth."

During Operation Clean Sweep, inspectors from DEP, State Police and PennDOT fanned out across the state to conduct surprise inspections of trash trucks at every landfill. They inspected more than 40,000 trucks.

DEP inspectors checked trucks for environmental violations, including leaking loads and improper tarps. State Police and PennDOT conducted safety inspections, looking for violations such as bad brakes and bald tires. All agencies checked for overweight trucks. In addition, PennDOT and State Police made sure drivers were licensed and had the proper paperwork.

A list of haulers with at least 10 violations during Operation Clean Sweep is available on the PA PowerPort at or on DEP's website, (directLINK "Clean Sweep violations").

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