September 2005

Texas approves Green Plus for Texas low emission diesel

Monrovia, CA— Biofriendly Corporation announced that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has issued a notification approving Biofriendly’s Green Plus(R) diesel fuel enhancer as an alternative formulation solution when added to standard #2 low sulfur (500 parts per million) diesel to meet the State’s new stringent Texas Low Emission Diesel (TxLED) regulation.

The TxLED law, which goes into effect October 1, 2005, requires Texas diesel producers and importers to supply a diesel fuel formulation that meets the Texas Low Emission Diesel requirements in the 110 counties in Texas designated as U.S. EPA non-attainment areas (areas which have consistently surpassed the ozone and other air pollution levels). Biofriendly’s Green Plus won approval after meeting the Texas Low Emission Diesel requirements as an alternative formulation by passing a series of complex Federal tests.

Texas, under its new law, requires its diesel emissions in the 110 affected counties to be on par with clean California diesel. As in California, Texas has allowed alternatives to producing a more costly fuel formulation, which requires substantial investment by producers in new refining equipment. Both Texas and California have sought alternative solutions that allow the use of standard EPA-approved diesel along with a product like Green Plus that lowers emissions to levels equivalent to California diesel.

The use of TxLED fuel will reduce all of the harmful gaseous and pollutant emissions from current diesel fuel. Green Plus could potentially help Texas reduce smog-causing nitrogen oxides (NOx) by over 13,000 tons per year.

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