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September 2006


Depollution vessel used in waterways

Water Management Technologies II launched an aggressive marketing campaign to raise awareness about water pollution and new technologies available to remediate chemical waste, floating debris and stormwater runoff.

As part of the campaign the company has launched a new website,, which will contain information about the company’s Scavenger depollution vessel and its patented Oxy-Plus System™ that cleans the water by aerating it with a combination of ozone and oxygenation. The Scavenger boat improves water quality by reducing and eliminating bacteria and viruses, controlling algae growth, improving water clarity and eliminating odors.

The Scavenger depollution vessel is currently in use on the Miami River. In its five years on the River, more than 40,000 cubic feet of trash has been removed, 20 billion gallons of water decontaminated and 1.5 billion liters of oxygen introduced into area waters. The technology has proved so successful and economical in cleaning up the Miami River that government officials in Dade County, Florida have gone far beyond the initial pilot project for Scavenger. The Scavenger service contract has been through three renewal cycles, extending through 2006.

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