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September 2006


Veolia Environmental receives award for effective methane gas conversion project

Milwaukee, WI— Veolia Environmental Services (Veolia ES) Solid Waste, formerly Onyx Waste Services, has been selected to receive a Golden Star Award from the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) in the Landfill Gas Utilization category.

The impetus for the award was a project that began last year in Wisconsin Rapids through a partnership between one of the company’s landfills, the Onyx Cranberry Creek facility (Veolia ES Cranberry Creek Landfill), and a nearby Ocean Spray plant. Estimated at $2 million, the project employs the conversion of methane gas as a renewable energy resource.

SWANA’s Landfill Management Technical Division established an excellence award based on the evaluation of a company’s landfill management. The criteria for the award addresses the construction and design, environmental controls, regulatory compliance, planning, operations and financial management, utilization of equipment/systems and technologies, public acceptance, appearance and aesthetics, innovation and creativity, and application quality.

The energy conversion process makes the project between the Veolia ES Cranberry Creek facility and the Ocean Spray plant unique. The Veolia ES facility has utilized a groundbreaking method for the reduction of greenhouse gases by utilizing landfill gas as an energy source.

In May of 2005, the Onyx Cranberry Creek facility and Ocean Spray began their waste-to-energy project. Together, they designed and constructed a one-mile pipeline that converts and carries methane gas from the landfill to the Ocean Spray plant. Methane gas from this pipeline powers the Ocean Spray’s steam boilers, which fuel the cranberry concentrators. Through this process, greenhouse emissions were reduced by 7,000 tons a year, and Ocean Spray was able to cut their fuel costs by 25 percent. This reduction is comparable to the elimination of the carbon monoxide emissions, produced from 12,000 automobiles.

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