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September 2006


Employees recycle everything

Woodard & Curran, a Portland-based consulting, engineering and operations firm, has been chosen as winner of the eco-Excellence Award for recycling from ecomaine, formerly known as Regional Waste Systems.

The Recycling Committee of ecomaine reviewed award entries from twelve communities before selecting Woodard & Curran as the overall winner. Linda Boudreau, chair of the Recycling Committee and, now board chair of ecomaine, said, “Committee members were especially impressed that Woodard & Curran’s recycling efforts are fully integrated with work processes and that their program could be easily replicated elsewhere.”

Boudreau explained that in addition to paper, plastic, glass, cardboard and metal separation, Woodard & Curran also recycles batteries and CDs, composts its coffee grinds, and is in the process of creating purchasing guidelines to reduce waste at its source. Used office supplies are donated to schools through Ruth’s Renewable Resources in Scarborough and obsolete computer components are given away through In an office of 160 people, all this is done by 18 volunteers, with coordination handled by one employee devoting just one to two hours per week to the effort.

All the entries have been compiled into a useful handbook and are available to the public at no charge by contacting or by calling 207-773-1738.

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