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September 2006


Recycling ambition works for youth

Katie Curry, a third grader from Franklin, Indiana wanted to help buy her town new benches because the old ones were falling apart.

Amy Grimmer, Director of Johnson County Solid Waste District, helped Katie apply for a grant from the Indiana Office of Energy and Defense Development. A grant of $3,500 was awarded to help buy 10 new benches made with recycled content. Katie decided to make one bench from recycled bottles collected by students at her school to show them that their efforts counted.

Katie organized the collection of 80 bags of No. 1 and No. 2 recyclable plastics using ClearStream Recyclers. With the help of her grandmother, Alice Curry, a member of the Franklin Beautification Committee, Katie not only set up ClearStreams at her church and school, but also at two other schools and a hospital. Katie and Alice transported all the units and set them up.

At the May 2006 Indiana Recycling Coalition Conference, Brent and Bonnie Grafton, of Green Tree Plastics, took note of Katie’s collection efforts and offered to make Katie’s bottles into a bench or benches for free despite the cost and despite the fact that the grant money had already gone to buy benches from someone else. “I’m going to let her see her bottles turned into benches right in front of her eyes”, Grafton said.

In July, Katie traveled with her fans and 80 bags of bottles to the Green Tree Plastics plant, in Evansville, Indiana, to see her bottles made into a bench. The bench will be presented in the fall to the students at her school to remind them how recycling works and to thank them for helping to close the loop.

ClearStream Recyclers are manufactured by Resourceful Bag & Tag, Inc. For more information about Resourceful Bag & Tag, Inc. or its ClearStream. products, visit or

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