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September 2006


St. Monica School wins award
Abitibi’s Paper Retriever program contributed to the success

The Missouri Recycling Association (MORA) recognized St. Monica School, a school in Creve Coeur, Missouri with the Outstanding Elementary & Secondary Education Recycling Award recently at its annual recycling conference. St. Monica’s recycling program has been in place for three years.

St. Monica partnered with Abitibi Paper Retriever®, a free recycling program for organizations that want to raise funds.

The initiative begins when Abitibi Paper Retriever places a green and yellow bin, called a Paper Retriever, in the parking lot of the host organization. Abitibi Paper Retriever pays host organizations for paper contributed to the bin by the organization¹s community members, area residents and local businesses.

St. Monica’s recycling coordinator, Julia Masetti, said the children learn about recycling in several ways. The children are responsible for collecting recycled paper daily and depositing each classroom’s container into the Paper Retriever bin, she said.

Contests are scheduled throughout the year to encourage and remind the families about their recycling efforts.

One of the schools’ programs has the students bury different objects in the ground and then check on the stage of decomposition a few months later. Masetti said this project teaches the children about how much time it takes for items to break down. This helps them understand the significance of recycling rather than sending recyclable materials to landfills.

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