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September 2007

Illinois to recycle used motor oil from state sites

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is getting greener by joining a state oil recycling program, Acting IDNR Director Sam Flood announced.

IDNR will start dropping off used motor oil from state vehicles and equipment such as cars, trucks, ATVs and lawn mowers to 16 Department of Central Management Services (CMS) garages statewide. The oil will then be sold back to refining companies who can return it to useable condition.

“Being able to use the CMS storage sites will allow us to transport used oil off site more quickly, routinely, and safely,” said Flood.

The cost savings for IDNR would equate to about $120 per barrel of used oil that would normally be picked up and refined off site.

“The state has successfully integrated recycled products into its automotive fleet including re-refined oil for a number of years. Well over 33,000 gallons of used oil is picked up from state garages annually by recycling experts to be made into reusable re-refined oil. This is good for the environment and reduces demand for oil.” said Maureen O’Donnell, acting director, Central Management Services.

IDNR, by itself, does not generate the quantity of used oil needed to make selling it back to companies for recycling worthwhile, but by partnering with CMS, oil that comes from IDNR can be added to existing used state oil volume.