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September 2007

Safeplay Systems recognized as “Going Green Champion”

Safeplay Systems has been chosen as a “Going Green Champion” by television station, WSB-TV in Georgia. An interview with Bob Gredys, president of Safeplay Systems, aired on the news.

Safeplay Systems designs, manufactures and installs playground structures made of EcoPlay®, a building material made from post-consumer recycled HDPE plastic. A single EcoPlay playground keeps an average of 30,000 milk jugs out of landfill.

Safeplay Systems, based in Marietta, Georgia, initially manufactured and sold wooden equipment. Being familiar with the inherent flaws of wood, and the high maintenance issues of metal, Gredys began searching for a new building material.

Recycled plastic proved to be the answer. Working with one of the top polymer chemists in the country, Safeplay Systems introduced EcoPlay. EcoPlay is impermeable to water, cannot be eaten by insects, never needs painting or sealing, and it won’t splinter, crack, rust, swell or degrade in any way.